Ch 13 Review

Study all vocabulary words!!!!

Possible Short answer questions:

1. Name some reasons Americans moved west?

2. What group was among the earliest travelers to the Oregon territory?

3. Why did the Mormons move west/and where did they settle?

4. What made Texas land so desirable?

5. What was a source of tension between American settlers and Tejanos?

6. What happened at the Battle of the Alamo?

7. Why did some groups in the United States oppose annexing Texas?

8. What is meant by
manifest destiny?

9. Explain how the Oregon Territory was acquired?

10.What were the terms of the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo?

11.What present day territory did the United states gain in the Mexican Cession?

12.Who was living in California before the gold rush?

13.How did gold seekers get to the gold fields?

14.What was life like in the mining camps?

15.What impact did the statehood of California have on the slavery issue in the USA?