Ch 12 Review

Study all vocabulary words!!!!

Possible Short answer questions:
1-What were the important issues that Jackson faced as President?
2- What helped Jackson win the Presidency in 1828?
3-Explain the Spoils system?
4- How had the Cherokee adapted to living among the white Settlers?
5- Why did the government force the Cherokee out of Georgia?
6-Explain the “Trail of Tears”.
7-Why did the tariff of 1828 anger the Southerners?
8- What was the doctrine of nullification?
9-Explain the two sides of “States rights” and how it was finally resolved?
10-Why did S. Carolina threaten secession, and how was the crisis resolved?
11-How did Jackson destroy the Second National Bank?
12-How did the panic of 1837 lead to a nation-wide depression?
13-What were the economic consequences of the depression?
14-What did the Whig party stand for, and how did they get their name?
15-Describe/explain what happened to the ninth president of the United States William Harrison?