Important Revolutionary War sites

Task- Students will create a power point presentation of important revolution war sites
Purpose- To identify and understand significant events of the Revolutionary war.
Supplies- Text book, internet, and laptop
Activity- Students will create a power point presentation of important revolutionary war sites. Your presentation should be at least twelve slides long. One slide per site (that means you choose any 10 sites below). They will explain the importance of the site and it’s role in the war. There should be a title slide that has your name and the presentations title and ending slide. Each of the “ten slides” should have a title, picture, and 4-6 bullets describing the importance of the site during the revolutionary war. Sounds and pictures are optional.

Project will be turned in to my Drop It To Me no later than Friday 11/15

Old state House, Boston
Saratoga, New York
Boston Tea Party
Trenton, New Jersey
Bunker Hill, Boston
Princeton, New Jersey
Old North Church, Boston
Valley Forge, Pennsylvania
Yorktown, VA
Carpenter’s Hall, Philadelphia
Lexington, Massachusetts
Independence Hall, Philadelphia
Concord, Massachusetts
Germantown, Philadelphia
Fort Ticonderoga, New York
Christ Church, Philadelphia
Brandywine, Pennsylvania
Fort Mifflin, Philadelphia