Chapter 17.1 Web questions

1. a. African Americans were willing to fight well before the Emancipation Proclamation was released
i. Describe the letter correspondence between Jacob Dodson and the Secretary of War.
ii. Explain General David Hunter’s plan to solve the manpower shortage
iii. Explain Lincoln’s reaction to Hunter’s plan
iv. What did the war department allow in August 1862?

2. Prior to the Emancipation Proclamation, laws changed about returning runaway slaves to the South
Briefly define the following:
i. Fugitive Slave Law
ii. Confiscation Act of March 1862
iii. Militia Act of July 1862
iv. Second Confiscation Act of July 1862

3. a. Emancipation Proclamation
i. What was the preliminary decree Lincoln gave Southern States?
ii. Which slaves did the Emancipation Proclamation free?
iii. Explain why Lincoln was legally able to free slaves in South
iv. Explain why the Emancipation is described as more than just a ‘symbolic gesture’?

4. African American soldiers: Recruited and Capable
a. Recruitment-
i. Approximately how many African Americans fought?
ii. How many different black units served in the army
b. African American soldiers are capable of fighting in battle?
i. What prejudicial beliefs did soldiers suffer before they fought?
ii. Give 2 specific examples of how African American soldiers proved their abilities to fight well on the battlefield
iii. What % of the Union army was African American?
iv. How many African Americans were killed fighting for the nation to be reunited? (What percent?)

5. Prejudice of African American soldiers 1
Look in section titled “Black Soldiers, White Officers” for answers to the following questions:
a. Was there an opportunity for advancement in military rank in the beginning of the war? Did this change?
b. Why was there a higher death rate for African American soldiers than for white soldiers?
i. How did the confederacy treat African American soldiers differently than white soldiers?
ii. How did the confederacy treat the white officers of African American soldiers differently than other officers?

6. Prejudice of African American soldiers 2
a. Search for Equality-
i. Explain the pay rate of African American soldiers compared to white soldiers.
ii. Did the government fix this discrimination during the war? If so, how?
b. African American Civil War Heroes Paved Way for Modern Army
i. Explain how Fredrick Douglas believed African Americans would gain citizenship to the United States of America?
Note two examples of how African American soldiers earned their place in the Union. (You may discuss hardships suffered, battles fought bravely, or by explaining the recognition of their efforts posed by Lincoln.