7th grade African Tourism Project:
Seek Employment with a Travel Agency
by creating a
Brochure of an African Country
Welcome to our business’s home office webpage and a chance to compete for employment here at African Adventures! We are the number one business in the African tourism industry. Travel companies supply trip brochures, special price deals, and make reservations for clients who love to travel, but don’t necessarily have the time to research and make reservations for themselves.
We have some employment positions available and this week you and your partner will compete for a job at our company. To be able to work here the application process is highly competitive, but jobs that are the most popular are the most difficult to obtain and the most rewarding for employees.
All applicants are expected to have the ability to demonstrate good manners, follow directions, and offer great service to our customers. Indeed we only hire the best at African Adventures! To narrow our focus further still, we are testing applicants on their ability to use online research skills, Microsoft Word, and their own creativity. All of these talents will be used in building a travel brochure.
Inside this brochure you will include general information about the country, areas of historical and recreational interest, and travel packages available. Of course pictures are important to encourage customers to become interested and want to spend time in these places. Employees will be hired based on how well this brochure is completed. Also, don’t underestimate the importance of showing how well you are able to work in your group. Like many employers we need workers with this skill.

Brochure Requirements:
v As a team, create a tri-fold brochure using Microsoft Word.
v All questions listed below must be answered completely inside your group’s brochure for full credit.
v Pictures are a must but you must also include writing. Appropriate charts and maps are acceptable too.
v Two vacation packages minimum per group. Each member should create one.
v Daily, active participation in your group will be important in rating your work.
v Handwritten group notes may be kept in the room with potential employers (your teachers) incase a partner is absent one day, so the work may go on with less interruption.

Instructions: For each of the following questions remember to accommodate a variety of interests and preferences in different activities and vacation package options. (Consider physical ability, age, male/female, etc) Include prices and locations as often as possible, about 80% of the time.

1. What are the most popular cities tourists visit in your country?
2. Are there any medical precautions recommended before traveling to your country and how can you get them? For example, immunizations (shots), special clothing, medicine to carry for emergencies. Center for Disease Control and Prevention http://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel/
3. What is the average cost of each form of transportation?
a. International: Airplane Flight (Note: search for round trip airfare from “New York to your destination country for one adult traveling date August 30th 2011)
b. Local: car rental, tour guide, buses, etc.
4. What are the country’s best or most popular hotels? Find the average price range for a seven-night stay in hotel.
5. What restaurants are available near the hotel? What kinds of food are served that is special in this country? In your country, is local water or food safe for outsiders to consume?
6. List historic landmarks located in your country and include why it’s significant. Are there sightseeing tours here? If so list a description and price.
7. What tourist attractions are offered in your country? Include recreational or educational activities offered?
8. Describe why you recommend traveling to this country?


General Information:
http://goafrica.about.com/od/morecountries/More_Countries_in_Africa.htm --Facts about Africa
Yahoo-Travel provides general information, maps, histories, travel packages, entertainment, and site seeing guides for the destination of your choice.

African National Tourist Offices: ( in alphabetical order)
http://goafrica.about.com/od/africatraveltips/a/touristoffices.htm -- A-F
http://goafrica.about.com/od/africatraveltips/a/touristoffices_2.htm -- G-N
http://goafrica.about.com/od/africatraveltips/a/touristoffices_3.htm O-Z

Activities/Vacation Packages:
http://www.infotour-africa.com/index.php -- Info Tour Africa
http://www.africantravelinc.com/ -- African Travel
http://www.worldtravelguide.net/africa -- Africa Travel Guide
http://www.ecoafrica.com -- ecoAfrica.com -- over 9,000 safaris to countries offering wildlife
http://www.journeys.travel/destinations/africa/ -- Journeys International Ecotravel
http://www.e-gnu.com -- e-gnu.com -- Search for safaris by top destination, sample trips, country, etc. Featuring 8 countries.
http://www.uyaphi.com -- Uyaphi.com -- Travel info for South and Eastern Africa. Contains list of most popular destinations.
http://wildernesstravel.com -- Wilderness Travel Online -- Cultural, wildlife and hiking adventures
http://journeys-intl.com -- Journeys International Ecotravel -- Click on Reviews
http://www.wildlifeafrica.co.za/nationalparks.html --Wildlife Parks in South African countries
Lonely Planet-Destinations provides specific information about specific destinations.

Rating System of applicants will be based on their ability to…
§ creatively introduce a country to potential tourists with brochure.
§ answer all written questions completely.
§ daily class work grade for on task behavior and research efforts for groups.

Not Shown
Some Evidence
Mostly Evident
Information Accuracy

Amount of Effort

Creative Display

Technical Competence