Ch 16/17 Review

Study all vocabulary words!!!!
1. What obstacles did African Americans face who wanted to serve?

2. What were the major causes of widespread sickness in army camps?

3. How did scientific ignorance contribute to the spread of disease?
4. What contributed to the high casualty rate in the civil war?

5. Why was control of rivers important?

6. How did Shiloh signal a change from earlier battles of the war?

7. Why did Lee decide to invade the North?

8. Why was Antietam called the bloodiest day in all of American History?

9. Who were the cooperheads? How did Lincoln deal with them?

10.How were Union and Confederate drafts laws similar? How were they different?

11.How did slaves damage the southern economy and sabotage the war effort?

12.How did the Civil war affect the role of women in society?

13.How were prisoners of war treated in the North? In the South?

14.Why was the battle of Gettysburg the turning point of the war?

15.What was Sherman’s concept of total war?
16.How did President Lincoln hope to bring the North and South Together after the war?

17.What was required before slavery was abolished throughout the United States?

18.When was the Thirteenth Amendment passed?

19.When, where, and by whom was Lincoln assassinated? How did Lincoln’s death affect the nation?