Chapter 21 Study Guide

Study all vocabulary words!!!!

Possible Short answer questions

1. How has steel and elevators changed city life?
2. How did the invention of streetcars change cities and their layout?
3. Describe some of the hardships people endured living in tenements during this time period.
4. Describe how political machines ran cities.
5. What are Ellis Island and Angel Island? Describe what went on there?
6. Where did most people immigrate from around 1900s?
7. Why have some people described the USA as a melting pot?
8. Why was there a rise in racism and discrimination?
9. How did southern states restrict African American's rights after the end of reconstruction?
10.Explain how whites tried to prevent African Americans from voting?
11.What are Jim Crow laws?
12.Explain Plessy V.Ferguson.
13.Describe the role of the NAACP.
14.How did city parks improve city life?