Chapter 14 Social Movement Research Poster
Task: Students will research and create a presentation on a chosen topic.
Purpose: To identify and understand the social movements of the 19th century.
Supplies: Textbook, laptops, markers/colored pencils, poster board
Activity: Students working on their own will choose one of the three topics listed.
  • Women’s Right’s

  • Underground Railroad(concentrating on people and places from the Philadelphia region)

  • Abolition Movement - (include local people involved in the movement)

Research will begin in the textbook, Chapter 14, and then continue with the websites provided and research on your own. Students will be given 2 class periods to work on their Internet research and posters. Additional time creating poster may be required at home.

Each poster should have a title and the students’ name. They should answer these three questions:
a. What were the main points of your topic? A minimum of 6 facts on your topic
b. Who were the key leaders in the movement? A minimum of 3 pictures (drawn or copied from the internet)
c. How did they try to improve American society?

Presentations will be turned to the teacher. More information to follow on this and when it’s due.
A rubric is attached to understand how the presentations will be graded.